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an integrated life where work and pleasure are beautifully intertwined.


the problem solver that develops systems and strategies to overcome and grow.


solutions-based coaching that equips you to lead and expand your business.


to make better choices for the future of your business and life.

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Michelle Blicavs small business coaching

Let's Face It...

The world may have changed but the fundamentals of business remain the same: "You sell a product or service to someone who wants to buy."

What has changed is the dynamics of staff, client or customer expectations, regulations and personal demands.

You deserve a business coach who understands these changes and is an expert in helping you develop the systems, processes and team you will need to not only face the future but grow through it.

Not understanding how to integrate your business and life is costing you.

Without the right strategy and process:

You become the bottleneck to growth

You become the bottleneck to growth

Let's work together to develop a plan that activates your team to remove the bottleneck.

You live with a sense of overwhelm

You live with a sense of overwhelm

Let's implement a measurement system so you can see real progress and growth in your business.

You let your family and team down

You let your family and team down

Let's work on a clear productivity plan to helps you get the priorities right.

Burn out
becomes real

Burn out
becomes real

Let's work together so you have someone you can rely on to work through problems and ease the load.

I know you are a smart person and you normally find a way through, but right now you’re feeling stuck and need to find a solution before it’s too late.​

I get it. Many of my clients have felt the same way until they had their first call with me. They walk away with tangible and actionable steps to take. The confusion is replaced with clarity.

Michelle Blicavs Portrait

Hi I'm Michelle Blicavs [“Blitz-uvs”]

Chief Executive Officer of Surveyors Australia, offering a Business Academy and Coaching to members to see them build thriving consultancies.

A Certified Six Types of Working Genius Facilitator.

A Certified Association Executive leading and supporting professionals across Australia.

Graduate of AICD and Company Director with experience on various boards since 2010.

30 years experience in running and mentoring small business owners.

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Satisfied Client

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Let's make it easy for you to remove the feeling of being stuck.​​

Here’s What You Do To Get Small Business Coaching Services


Schedule A Call

Receive a FREE 30-minute discovery call. We will unpack your challenges and work out a plan for moving forward.


Choose Your Plan

Implement your plan. Together we’ll create a custom strategy to help you and take control of your business.


Book Your Holiday

You implement proven strategies to give you the success and freedom you deserve.

Concerned your business is taking over your life? Don’t worry, there’s a solution to this and it’s called “integration”.

Your business was meant to give you freedom, and it will when we work together. Get ready to book your holiday!


Business Coaching Melbourne | Business Coaching Sydney

Need the ability to call someone when you need them? No problem, that’s what I’m here for. We get together whenever you need and as often as you need.

Adhoc Coaching
and Support

Adhoc Coaching
and Support

Meet when you need to bounce an idea off someone independent to the business or need a little extra support.

Group-Based Training And Support

Group Based Training And Support

Join other Small Business Owners and discover you are not alone! These monthly sessions will provide great insights to help energise you for the month ahead.

Annual Retreat

Annual Retreat

Take 3 days away from your business to unwind and get your creative, strategic juices flowing! Likely to include food, wine and plenty of relaxation - with morning sessions for business focus!

One-on-One Coaching

One-on-One Coaching

Meet every 2-3 months in an advisory board model to review and implement the changes you need, with additional training and support as required.

Develop an integrated solution-based life

Business Coaching Melbourne | Business Coaching Sydney

Have a clear mission and the strategy to fulfil it.

Grow your confidence as you see what you implement work.

Have the energy and systems to expand your business.

Understand where your business fits into your personal life and goals.

Have the time to do the things that are important to you.

Buy a boat, take a holiday and start enjoying the rewards of what you have built.

There's no need to continue slogging it out week after week and feeling overwhelmed by the pressures you face.

It's time for us to talk, discuss where you are stuck and get you a plan that allows you to take that long holiday you deserve. That's what the right small business coach can help you do. That's what I will help you do.