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Solve Your People Shortage with Story

Are you trying to solve a people shortage in your company?  Everywhere you travel now there are signs in windows saying “Staff Wanted”.

There is a skills and people shortage worldwide.


So why should people join your company? Why should they work for you?


It’s time to tell a better story


If it’s an employees market, then what differentiates you and your firm from the many others offering more money, flexible work, and a great place to work?

In this podcast interview with Jordan Skinner and Crushing it in Construction, I unpack the challenges most businesses face when it comes to marketing.

We simply don’t tell a story anyone is interested in! And that’s because we are often too busy talking about ourselves.

Instead, try and talk about what you can do for them!  What training can you offer? Give me an example of someone in your firm who went on to greatness because they started with you!


I have 7 people working for me and they vary in age and stage of career journey.  Every one of them is different and has different aspirations and goals.  But I believe my firm can offer them each something unique that will help them in their career journey.  Some will stay with me for 5+ years, some may only stay for a couple of years.  But I believe that they will learn and benefit and grow during their time working with me.  And I will happily farewell them and wish them the best as they head onto greener pastures.


Why do you do what you do?

What gets you out of bed each day?

What difference are you making in the world?


Money matters, but it’s no longer the key driver for most people.  We all expect and want a fair wage, but most people today want to enjoy their time at work, they want a reason to get up and do it again tomorrow, and they want to believe they are contributing to something bigger than themselves.


What’s your story?  More importantly what’s your why?

That’s the story that will solve your people shortage and have them knocking on your door!

If you need help attracting staff or telling your story, then contact me today – I’d love to help!

Listen to the Podcast here