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Podcast Interview – Surveying Leadership

Surveying Leadership is critical for the profession.  Like most professions, Surveying needs Leadership and this podcast interview showcases what could be possible for your profession and leadership journey.

“Surveyor Says!” The NSPS Podcast connects with our fellow surveying contemporaries from around the globe with this week’s guest, Michelle Blicavs, CEO, of the Association of Consulting Surveyors based in Sydney, Australia. Tim Burch caught up with Michelle to discuss the current climate for surveying in Australia, how one becomes a registered surveyor, and how technical surveyors are a large part of the future of the profession. She also explained how specialization of the profession is becoming more important with the transition to digital cadasters and remote sensing data collection. Michelle explained the role of her organization in the promotion of the profession, including career fairs in high schools. She also stressed that providing business-related seminars to registered surveyors has been key in increasing their knowledge charging what their services are truly worth.

The big takeaway from this conversation is that surveying in the US is not unique with our struggles to find the next generation of surveyors, but we can learn from each other on how to promote the profession in a positive manner. Thanks for listening to “Surveyor Says!” The NSPS Podcast.


Listen to Surveyor Says Interview on Surveying Leadership

This interview highlights the challenges faced by many professions who are stuck in the technical components and have forgotten to lead and focus on other key aspects, like career development, business development, marketing and people skills.
How might you show leadership in your profession that makes a difference for future generations?
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