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A Unique Leader is that special someone who can influence a group with a clear vision, able to think and act creatively in all situations providing direction and guidance to others.

Unique Leaders Logo
The Unique Leaders Network is designed to help you identify and embrace your unique style. Unique Leaders want an integrated life but can feel the pressure to spend more time at work or more time at home – the pressure to conform!
The problem is people keep telling you, you need a work life balance or that you shouldn’t work so hard etc etc. Making you feel frustrated but also conflicted.
This might be okay for people who just want to work 9 – 5 and forget about having any vision or purpose for life – BUT NOT YOU!
You’re a visionary, and you want more out of life than just “average”.
We understand how hard it can be which is why we created the Unique Leaders Network.
We believe you should be able to have it all, great work, great relationships, great health. It’s called “INTEGRATION”. Learning how to not compartmentalise but actually flow.
Allowing each part of life to beautifully intertwine with the other.
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Want to know a little more?

Hi and thanks for visiting my website…

My name is Michelle Blicavs (Blitz-uvs) and I’m the Founder of the Unique Leaders Network. 

I’m not famous. I’m not a celebrity or an influencer you’ve likely heard of…  You won’t find me on TV but if you google me you’ll find some pretty unique tidbits…

For the past 30 years I’ve been in management roles including a number of Company Directorships. But the highlight of my career was a season in politics – as a local Councillor.  I’ve also been a candidate for State and Federal seats.  It was during these campaigns I discovered EVERYONE is unique and we all have leadership potential.

We can all have a level of influence wherever we engage other people.

And that’s why I created this network.  It provides an opportunity for unique people to gather as we each make a difference where we are, changing our world, our sphere of influence.

Now I’m 53 and I’m amazed at how many people just go through life without purpose and direction, hoping it will all work out the way they hope.  It’s time to take control of your life and your circumstances and lead!

I hope you’ll reach out and chat with me about how we can work together.  You deserve a breakthrough and I’d love to help you on your journey…

More about me below, including my social media links.

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