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A New Me for 2023?!?

Did you have plans for a New Me for 2023? 3 weeks in are you waiting? Are you jumping in?
Or are you taking small steps forward? YOU control your destiny…


What are your plans for the New Year? It seems once January 1 rolls around there’s an expectation we’ll try something new or change something – become “a new me!” Now we’re three weeks in, so how’s that “new me” coming along?

Are you waiting?

Are you jumping in?

Or are taking small steps forward?

The truth is, 
you don’t need 
a New Year to make a change or try something new. And if you’re happy with your life then why make a change at all?

The people I work and mix with mostly agree that the last three years of the pandemic, have 
highlighted areas in their life that need to change. Here are the three most common complaints I hear – perhaps one will resonate with you.

You realised just how many hours you worked pre-2020 and how little time you spent with family at home – until you were locked down together! (this could have been a positive or negative experience!)
  • You discovered the only thing you liked about your job was the people you worked with. So when you couldn’t go to work every day to mix with those people the joy of the actual work disappeared. (or you’ve discovered you never want to return to the office and work with “those” people again!)
  • You appreciated that when you don’t have to commute every day you can fit in exercise and eat healthy meals and lose weight! (or perhaps you found UberEats and binged on Netflix – again the positives and negatives of lockdown!)

So now we’re in 2023. 
Life is back to some sort of normality.  Now what? Do we go back to the way things were in 2019? Or is there another way, a merger of two worlds?

There’s a lot of talk about the “great resignation” now referred to as “the great reshuffle“. People are deciding they don’t want to do the same job or have the same career they had in 2019. 
Others are moving away from the city and finding new life in regional areas and enjoying working remotely.

But the majority of people are taking it one day at a time and waiting to see how the world settles – or if it will settle with another war in Eastern Europe and foretold economic turmoil at our doorsteps!

Will there be a New Me for 2023?

You are likely sitting in one of these three camps:

  1. WAIT. Just take it one day at a time and see how the world settles. Will there be more lockdowns? more outbreaks? more uncertainty? more changes?  Let’s just wait and see before making a major change or decision.
  2. JU
MP. Now’s the time! No more waiting.  Time for something new. Let’s Do It – Life’s short!  What’s the worse that could happen?!? Let’s GO!
  3. STEP. What are my options? Investigate. Dream. Imagine. Choose one area of your life you’d like to see differently and take a step in that direction.
    • If it’s your health, give up sugar and move a bit more – or one of the many other diet/gym options out there!  Buy a Peloton if that helps!
    • If it’s a new location, take a drive or fly to a few locations and spend a week or weekend and see what the vibe is like. And be sure to get a fresh survey done before you buy a new house!!
    • If it’s work or your career, consider what option do you have?
      • What parts do you love about your current job – or hate!
      • Is change possible where you are now? A promotion, move to a different area or job type? Talk to your boss (we all have one – even those running their own business!) and see what’s possible.
      • Most employers are accepting and welcoming flexible arrangements if that’s what would make things better for you – and if not, then there are lots of places now that will! Figure out how to work from home one day a week as a starting point. And dare I suggest see if a 4-day-work-week could meet the requirements of your business.
      • Talk to your boss! (This needs repeating!)  He or she won’t know you are unhappy unless you tell them!
    • Maybe you feel now is the time to start that new business or join a partnership.
      • Investigate your options.
      • Get out a blank sheet of paper and write down the dream!
      • List the pros and cons.
      • Seek advice from friends, colleagues – your partner!
      • Take small steps – but more than thoughts and ideas – Take Some Action!

What’s the key to a new me in 2023?  Whether you want to wait, jump or start, it helps to talk it out with someone. Seek out a friend or advisor, a coach or mentor. Someone you trust who will give you honest advice and support on this journey.  And if you can’t think of who to talk to then schedule a call to talk with me!

It’s a New Year, 
maybe it’s time for a New You.

Wherever you find yourself in 2023, this will be the year you make it happen!  This is your year to achieve more!

You control your destiny.  Don’t be afraid to take some time for self-reflection and create a new me in 2023!