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2023 The Year to “Achieve More”

What’s your word or phrase for the year ahead?? Mine:

2023 The Year to “Achieve More

As you look back over your career, is there room to achieve more? I believe anywhere along the journey there’s always more!

💪 In the beginning the whole world is ahead of you and your choices are endless – the hardest part is MAKING the choice! Even if you make a seemingly “wrong” choice early on, don’t fret! You can still choose a different path and achieve more.

💪 In the middle you start to wonder if this is all there is… You find yourself wondering if you can get out of bed and do THIS every day for another 20 years?? Hence the term mid-life crisis! But your life is still yours! You can still make choices! You can move sideways, up or even out – but some advice: never go BACK!

💪 In the later years it seems like that’s it! Retirement is close and you look back and wonder if it’s all over… NO! You can still achieve more later in life. Share your wisdom, pass on the baton, leave a legacy! And then finish well, acknowledge your achievements…

It’s never too early or too late to achieve more in life and in your career. You simply make the choice to do so! How?

  1. Choose 3 goals to achieve this year.
  2. Decide when you will action them.
  3. Ask someone to hold you accountable!

If you want to achieve more in 2023 and need someone to help you on the journey, schedule a call! Let me know your 3 goals and you’re already on your way – there’s power in writing it down and sharing it with someone!

Three goals to achieve more in 2023?

I have personal and professional goals and have built my life to a point where the two sync well together – so I live a fully integrated life! So this year I will…

🛳️ Achieve more travel – I have booked 3 cruises including my dream Caribbean Cruise.

🗣️ Achieve more speaking – I have filled the first half of the year speaking for Association of Consulting Surveyors NSW, Consulting Surveyors National and Australian Institute of Conveyancers – NSW Division (AICNSW), plus internationally for Survey and Spatial New Zealand (CSNZ), Professional Surveyors Canada and hopefully FIG – International Federation of Surveyors

📈 Achieve more (measurable) growth – for ACS, CSN, members, the Business Academy, the Surveyors Academy and my coaching and mentoring clients.


Put it out there! 

Share your 3 goals for 2023 and together we can achieve more!  Email your goals to me at michelle@uniqueleaders.com.au or Schedule a Call with me to talk through how together we’ll achieve more this year!


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